Friday, 12 February 2016

Saving it for Later

Holly is a messy beast. It is not uncommon to see bits of food & treats stuck in her mane. She always ends up finding & eating it later on.

This is a little bit of a milestone for me, this comic is the 50th Holly the Collie comic that I have drawn and posted here (there have been one or two that haven't made the cut). So thank you, collie lovers, your support has been amazing over the last few months and I doubt I would've come even close to 50 if it wasn't for your encouragment.


  1. Ryder has this happen, and he so brings in twigs and leaves from the yard, so he is known for transporting things in his furs!

  2. And congrats! We love your comics!

  3. sometimes we save food in our wrinkles.
    stella rose