Friday, 22 July 2016

Plain as the Nose on Your Face

This one is a bit of a weird one...
Holly's nose is her second most commented on feature (her fur being first), and I often wonder if she likes her nose, do you think she ever wonders what it would be like to have a pug nose, or maybe a husky nose? It got me thinking. Do you remember that remember that 80's movie Roxanne, the one where Steve Martin is the fire chief with the really long nose. I watched that movie a fair few times as a kid and always loved it, it's sort of about embracing who you are. But there is a scene where he goes to the doctor's office and looks at the nose cards in the mirror, dreaming about having a "normal" nose. Collie noses are fairly unique (there are a few breeds that are similar) but there is just something about their noses that suits them perfectly.

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