Saturday, 25 June 2016

Playing in the Rain

When Holly was younger we had a cat named Oscar. Oscar didn't think much of Holly and kept his distance a lot of the time. I remember one rainy evening Holly was outside playing in the rain (she was around 1 year old) and Oscar was sitting at the door watching her. I imagine he was thinking that she was crazy for intentionally being out in the rain.

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  1. I was doing a random search and landed on your blog. I'm so glad I did. My sister and I have a collie, Emma. Your cartoons are right on and funny. I will stop by often to see the newest cartoon. Thank you so much. Can I list your blog on my blog's link list?

    1. Thanks Luke,
      Glad you enjoy my wife's comics.
      Please feel free to share our page.
      New comics come out Fridays at 18:00 AEST.